Siamo spiacenti, ma Customs Support non può aiutare le persone

We are Customs Support, the leading customs broker that supports companies with global trade and making sure goods can cross borders without hassle or delay. If you are an individual with questions about importing into or exporting from the European Union, unfortunately we cannot support you. We only work for companies.

Check with your local customs

Please check the website of the Customs Authority in your country to learn more about the rules and regulations that apply to your situation. In most cases, a parcel carrier will be responsible for transporting the package to you or the person you want to send it to. They can assist you with import or export formalities if they apply.

Prevent disappointment

Inform yourself It is essential to check the laws and regulations and, for example, whether there is a cost involved when you import or export something. Import or export duties may apply. Sometimes your package needs to be accompanied by specific documentation. Prevent being disappointed by having to pay unexpected duties or fines or by a complete refusal of your shipment. 

importing into the Netherlands from the United Kingdom