Port of Zeebrugge as an alternative to Calais

Zeebrugge port

With Brexit almost one and a half month underway we are seeing hiccups in the flows of goods between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Customs systems on both sides are straining under a load of additional documents and certificates, the French customs systems being among them. For many companies, Calais is top of mind when they need to ship goods from the European Union to the United Kingdom, but there are alternatives like Antwerp and Rotterdam and Zeebrugge. It is this last port that is the focus of this article.

Port of Zeebrugge

The Port of Zeebrugge has positioned itself as the bridgehead for distribution from the Northwest of Europe to the United Kingdom. Next to its specialisation as a handler of new vehicles, it also has excellent facilities for other products. Zeebrugge has a large variety of companies that specialises in the storage and handling of food products. It is also a clean port, which means there is no polluting industry in the Zeebrugge area. This makes it very suitable for perishable cargo.

Fact & Figures

In 2020 the Port of Zeebrugge handled 47 million tonnes of cargo. 38% containers, 30% roll-on/roll-off, 27% liquid bulk, 4% solid bulk, and 1% breakbulk. The number of food-related cargoes is rising fast, as the Zeebrugge is establishing itself as a food cluster.

Next to ferry services to the United Kingdom, the port also offers services to Ireland, Scandinavia, the Baltic region, Russia, and Southern Europe.

Port of Zeebrugge is investing in digitalisation and IT. Its digital counter for port customers “Zedis” collects all the necessary data and connects the customer with all the appropriate authorities. This is one of the reasons that Customs Support Belgium is offering customs services specific for Zeebrugge.

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