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How can we help you export goods?

The challenges of exporting goods

Exporting goods involves many challenges that can cause delays in the supply chain. One of the biggest challenges is the complexity of customs regulations, which can vary depending on the country you wish to export to, and which you must comply with as an exporter. It is therefore important to find out about these regulations in advance and to ensure that all the necessary export documents are available and correctly drawn up. 
We can help you to meet complex export requirements and optimise your export processes!

Optimising export procedures with Customs Support

Our export brokers deal with goods of all kinds throughout Europe on a daily basis, so they have the expertise and knowledge to deal with any challenges that may arise in export procedures. Our export services range from assistance with export declarations to the classification of exported goods with the relevant HS code. We help you comply with export regulations and draw up the necessary export documents for you. 
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Your Partner in Export Clearance

More than 1900 customs export consultants enabled by our advanced technology; our international export customs services include:

Customs Clearance

Preparation and submission of export declarations in all EU Member States where we are located, and the UK.


Liaising with relevant customs authorities and government departments to ensure your export activities are compliant and easy.


We support you and coordinate physical inspections with the related authorities.

Documents of Origin

We give export assistance and help you in issuing different documents of origin, such as EUR1, EURmed and ATR.

Risk Assessment

We analyse your customs compliance risks.

Expert Advice

We provide advice on export licences, correct HS codes and selecting the best exporting procedures.

Export Clearance | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which documents are required for export customs clearance?

Export clearance normally requires the: 

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Movement certificate (EG. Bill of Lading / CMR)

In addition, depending on the type of commodity and the location of the export as well as importing country, additional documents might be required. This can be for licensing, preference, or quota reasons. 

If you need advice on documents required for export customs clearance, speak to a member of Customs Support today. Our export brokers process commodities of all kinds across Europe, and we will be happy to assist you with your query. 

How long does an export clearance take?

Export clearance is processed in two stages. The first stage is the creation of the export declaration. The second stage of export clearance is when the shipment leaves the border and customs authorities to process the declaration as live. This completes the export customs clearance. 

How long your export customs clearance will take depends on the complexity, but the processing takes minutes once the declaration is submitted to customs. However, this can be extended if customs have a query or would like to conduct a physical or document inspection on the goods before departure. 

If you need a fast, accurate, and compliant export agency, contact Customs Support today. 

How much does it cost to process an export clearance?

The cost of an export clearance varies depending on the location, the amount of product being processed, how often you export, and whether any licensing or inspections are required.

Export clearance is generally cheaper than import clearance due to there being no taxes to pay on most goods leaving a country. However, in countries where there arefewer exports than imports (like the UK), skilled export brokers can be less common so the price can be higher.

Customs Support have experiencedexport consultants throughout Europe and the UK, providing businesses like yours with fast, accurate, and compliant export clearance every day.

What is end-to-end customs?

You can also benefit from our end-to-end Customs Clearance service, covering import customs clearance on the other side of the transit or export when your transaction is between one of our EU-operating countries and the UK. Thanks to our digital-first approach, this will be completed for you in an accurate, compliant, and timely manner, without you needing to do anything else. 

Contact us for more information on how we can be a single point of contact for all your customs needs today.  

Why do I need Customs Support to help me with my export?

We recommend getting local expertise for your export clearance, no matter which country you are exporting from. Customs Support has offices throughout Europe, providing you with commodity and location-specific advice, wherever you need us. 

  • We offer fast, accurate and compliant end-to-end customs services in multiple countries
  • Our online real-time compliance and finance dashboards support you to manage your customs portfolio
  • Our EU-wide coverage allows us to address country specific issues 
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