How our neutrality empowers your business for success

Discover unparalleled flexibility, digitalisation and expertise that is all pluses, without exposure.

What exactly are the benefits of working with a neutral customs partner? In a world full of biases, maintaining neutrality has become an invaluable virtue. Discover how working with a neutral customs partner is the key to upgrading your customs functions in this article.

What do we mean by “neutrality” at Customs Support?

For us (and for you), it’s important that we remain free from bias so that we can act to our fullest potential as customs partners. What this means is that we take an unbiased approach to everything that we do:

  • There is no favouritism towards industries, countries, or political agendas.
  • We absolutely refuse to take any financial incentives to promote set external services to our clients or supply information. We want our clients to make their own informed choices on transport and logistics without paid influence. 
  • Unlike many in our sector, we don’t tie freight and other logistics in with our customs service. We only work with you to get the most out of yours.

It is this position of unflinching neutrality that sets us apart, and from which we earn the trust of our clients, governments, and the logistics industry as a whole.

How neutrality grants us the freedom to advance quicker than others

Operating more than 150 offices out of 13 countries throughout Europe and the UK, Customs Support already has a strong base from which to test our new initiatives.

We have made exceptional developments in digitalisation, creating ultra-secure and fast end-to-end customs clearances and preparing for EU-centralised clearances well ahead of time. If we weren’t neutral, our advancements would stop there. As it does with any organisation that is only able to develop internally. However, we’re going further than that.

As neutral customs partners, we work with supply chains of all kinds to safeguard, digitalise, and evolve their processes so that they can be more safe, efficient, and compliant. Not only in one country but throughout Europe and the UK.

Learning from every bespoke solution that we provide so that we can continually improve our offering and become more efficient ourselves, ultimately lowering costs for you too.

Here are some of the products of our neutral position

Unmatched connectivity and EDI integrations

Experienced and knowledgeable, our teams don’t only help with digitalising your customs functions.

Saving time, money, and risk is a key focus for all supply chains, whether you are transporting 10 containers a month or holding multiple commodities in bonded warehouses across several countries.

That’s why we work with your warehouse management systems, supply chain software, or internal bespoke systems to map data and create integrations that save you hours of manual entry and all the risk of error that comes with it.

Client-centric approach

Unlike those who are driven by the highest bidder, our mission is entirely focused on being the best that we can be so that we can provide for our clients. Our unwavering position as a neutral customs partner means that we work so serve your business’ individual needs without allowing financial or political entanglements to tarnish our recommendations or actions.

It is this commitment to being a high-quality team with accountability and integrity that makes Customs Support a valued partner to our long-term clients.

A rock during political storms

Political polarisation is an unavoidable influence on global business.

However, you don’t need to fear it from Customs Support. We work as an international team of professionals, avoiding political standpoints so that we can deliver unbiased news and recommendations. We empower you with facts so that you can make vital decisions during the unrest, crisis, or the general whirlwind that is the ever-changing landscape of customs.

We are a neutral customs provider. #WeAreCustomsSupport

Neutrality is more than just a title for us. It forms the bedrock of our business philosophy and empowers us (and you) with freedom, flexibility, and unbiased information.

By eliminating those conflicts of interest, we deliver trustworthy and reliable services that help you to thrive despite the ever-present and changing challenges of global supply chains.

If your business could benefit from a neutral customs partner that has proven results throughout the EU and UK, get in touch to get started.