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Do you have a question about Customs Support, our services and how we can support you in your customs matters? You will find all the information you need below.

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Gary Harrold
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Who is Customs Support?

Customs Support is the leading and neutral partner for customs matters in Europe. We stand for excellent customs and compliance knowledge and deliver efficient and digital custom solutions. Our team of 1700+ qualified specialists are happy to advise you. We are your partner when it comes to hassle-free import and export of your goods.

What entities trade under the name of Customs Support?

We are growing autonomously and through acquisitions. All entities of the group work under the brand name Customs Support. See this page for an overview of all entities.

Is Customs Support AEO certified?

Yes, we are AEO certified. This carries the following benefits for our clients: AEO certified companies can apply for customs simplifications, making their processes faster, more efficient and more reliable. Relations with customs and other authorities are improved, which facilitates seamless communications when issues or questions occur. It also means that we are being reassessed periodically to ensure your declarations are fully compliant.

What countries does Customs Support operate in?

We have offices in 12 European countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden. Thanks to our extensive partner network, we can offer our services to many countries. We work for clients doing business worldwide. Contact our local offices.

Who are Customs Support's partners?

We have strong relationships and a good reputation with key stakeholders. We partner with our clients, moreover, we have excellent relationships with local customs authorities and organizations like EvoFenedex, Fenex, NBCC and DSLV.

What Customs Clearance services does Customs Support offer?

Customs Support offers industry-leading Import, Export, Transit and Fiscal Representation services. We make sure all the preparation and submission of paperwork necessary to facilitate the import, export and transit of goods into/from countries is in good hands.

What Consultancy services does Customs Support offer?

Our experienced consulting experts support you both on-site, inhouse and remotely to guarantee an optimal customs advisory that fits your needs. We cover the following matters for you: AEO Certification services, Customs Compliance Programs, Goods Classification support, Quick Scan services, Request Permits services and Supply Chain Optimisation services. We can also support you with Brexit related questions and educational programs and training. Our highly skilled consultants are ready to support you!

What Safety services does Customs Support offer?

Customs Support offers a range of Safety services to help ensure the safety of your employees end-to-end. Please note that we offer the safety services only in the Netherlands. The Safety services include risk analysis, handling dangerous gases in warehouses, containers, and other poorly ventilated areas. Upon your request, we conduct training and consultancy in the area of safety. Last but not least, you can use our container depot to temporarily store your goods and containers.

We have a wide network of locations and great coverage in the Netherlands to ensure that you always have our service within reach.

Are there any orders that are excluded from Customs Support services?

We do not offer our customs services for tobacco (or tobacco-related) products, weapons and munition, and nitrous oxide. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our experts about how we can best support you.  

How does Customs Support work together with freight forwarders?

Freight forwarders find in Customs Support the independent customs partner with up-to-date knowledge and in-depth import and export know-how. We analyse the logistic flows and propose tailor-made advice. With over 30.000 clients, we might already know their clients, which can speed up the process of handling customs declarations.

How can Customs Support assist multinational enterprises?

As the largest and independent digital customs partner, we offer a global presence with local knowledge. Our 1700+ local experts offer best-in-class and accurate customs knowledge and can advise internationally operating companies on their customs activities. 

How can Customs Support assist large goods owners?

Our digital-first approach is of benefit for large goods owners as we can automate the customs part of their supply chain, resulting in 24/7 customs declarations without errors and faults. This way their supply chain can operate on a continuous scale. We make customs easy for goods owners.

How can Customs Support assist small companies shipping their goods within Europe?

Our 1700+ experts offer companies local knowledge in over 100 European locations. With up-to-date knowledge of customs regulations and 20+ years experience, we can support companies with declaring their goods in the best possible way.

Where can I find relevant customs documents?

We are known as your digital customs partner. To make it easier for all relations, we published all necessary documents on our website. Please find all documents on the website.

Where can I find the latest customs news and updates?

We share updates frequently and share them with our clients on a regular basis. Please follow our latest news via our newsroom or subscribe to our newsletter.

What information do you need to process my request?

We need at least the following information and documents:

•    Company information (Name, address, phone, contact)
•    Clarification on the goods flow
•    Commercial invoice (incl. requirements as VAT-nr., EORI-nr., incoterms)
•    Packing list
•    Movement certificate (EG. Bill of Lading / CMR)
•    Certificates of origin (if applicable)

Depending on the type of commodity and the location of the export as well as importing country, additional documents might be required. This can be for licensing, preference, or quota reasons. 

How can I contact Customs Support?

Please reach out to our customs experts anytime regarding all customs matters and we will make sure to get back to you in time. 

How can I communicate with my customs broker?

You can communicate with your customs broker via phone, email, or in person. It is important to establish clear lines of communication upfront and to keep your broker informed of any changes to your shipment or documentation. Get in contact with our local experts now.