Supply Chain Optimisation

Supply Chain Optimisation

We analyse supply chain flows, and consider your import, export and transit routes, and storage options. We identify options to reduce barriers to your supply network and verify the potential impact on customs duties.

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Carlotta Bugamelli
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Your Supply Chain

Whether there is a change in customs legislation or a desire to optimise customs processes, every change can have an impact on your business. To best respond to these changes, new customs processes may need to be set up or old processes revised.  

Customs Support can help to optimise the logistical movement of goods and ensure compliance within your supply chain, we are your partner in managing your continuously changing supply chain. But what do we look out for when assessing your supply chain optimisation challenges and needs?


Changes in customs rules and regulations, new trade agreements as well as exploring new markets or the desire to simplify your procedures. These are all good reasons to optimise your supply chain.

However, doing so requires expertise and qualified customs consultants that help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of Supply Chain Optimisation.

Our Supply Chain Optimisation Measures
Rules and Regulations

Customs rules and regulations are constantly changing, and with a move to new digital platforms like CDS, as Europe’s leading digital customs service provider, make sure you are prepared for the future as Europe’s leading, we make sure you are prepared for the future.

New Trade Agreements

As a company with 1700+ customs experts working together, we keep our eyes on the market. Keeping note of trade deals around the world that could challenge or support your supply chain needs.
Trade deals around the world

New Market Ventures

Expanding your global footprint can affect your supply chain. As a Europe-wide company, we can help you wherever you grow.

Internal Streamlining

Sometimes, it isn’t about growth, but simply about efficiency. We can help you look inwards and support you to build the best internal procedures.

VAT Legislation

Our consultants look at customs and VAT legislation and examine current procedures to determine what is needed to implement what best suits your organisation.


We have extensive knowledge and experience of customs processes, VAT and logistics and will support you in achieving an optimal supply chain without putting a large strain on your organisation, its people and daily operations.

Supply Chain Optimisation | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I start to optimise my supply chain?

Changes in customs rules and regulations and issuing of new trade agreements are ongoing and may impact your customs supply chain. Anytime a new regulation is out there, is a good moment to review the implications on your processes.

Can Customs Support help me find the resources to optimise my supply chain and customs operations?

Yes, we can provide you with all the required resources to evaluate and optimise your import, export and transit goods flow and related warehousing operations. Contact us for more information. 

What are the advantages of supply chain optimisation with Customs Support?

We have extensive knowledge of and experience with customs and VAT, as well as logistics operations. By sharing this knowledge, we allow, that your people can focus on their daily operations while we handle the changes and keep all your stakeholders informed.

With our supply chain optimisation, we secure that procedures are fully compliant with legislation and company policies, while tangible recommendations supported by impact analysis are suggested. In addition, we provide transparency on customs duty impact. All measures support you in becoming more efficient and creating a competitive advantage. 

What are the main benefits? Transparency on customs duty impact and clear competitive advantage. 


What activities are in the scope of Supply Chain Optimisation service? 

Our Supply Chain Optimisation services cover four main areas. First, we review your supply chain flows to secure high efficiency and low costs. Next, we analyse the import, export, transit routes, and warehousing, allowing to get an even deeper understanding of your customs supply chain. Based on the first two steps,  

Identifying optimization opportunities follow. Finally, calculating impact on customs duties and scenario-planning for the current and future is conducted.