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World Trade News: August 2023 Edition

​​​​​​​Trade Deals Around the World is our periodic update, giving you a quick and easy overview of what has happened in the many trade deal negotiations worldwide. ​​​​​​​We focus on the European Union and the United Kingdom and watch China and the United States. In this update, we look back on July’s events.

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World Trade

ATR Certificate Explained

An ATR certificate is an essential customs document for trade between Türkiye and the EU, but is not a certificate of origin as commonly assumed. Find out how ATR documents really work in this article.

ATR certificate is an essential customs document for trade between Türkiye and the EU

Transit Documents: What Do I Need?

Customs transit is a customs procedure used to move goods within one customs territory, via another, or between two or more different customs territories. The transit procedure can be used to delay the payment of import duties and value-added tax. Duties and VAT can be temporarily suspended.

Road Map Transit Documents

IUU Catch Certificates

​​​​​​​You need to prove that your catch is legal and safe for consumption when importing fish into the UK. But how, when, and why do you need an IUU Catch Certificate (IUUCC)? Find out in this article.

Fishing Regulations

​​​​​​​Specialised Customs Clearance in Ireland

​​​​​​​Customs clearance in Ireland has been turbulent since Brexit, but our team has been the rock for traders of all shapes and sizes. Roisin Cussen discusses our Ireland team’s clearance stories here.

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Customs Clearance

Which Origin Statements do I put on Export Paperwork?

Origin statements are essential when importing and exporting goods. But when, where, and why should you include them? Senior Consultant of Customs and Trade Rene Rothheudt explains in this article.

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Certificate of Origin

How the Windsor Agreement changes the Northern Ireland Protocol

After two years of tense negotiations, the UK and EU have agreed an amendment to the Northern Ireland Protocol – pending official approval. Find out more about the Windsor Agreement in this article.

NI Protocol
Northern Ireland

How will strikes on the 1st February affect customs?

​​​​​​​Railway, university, teaching, and government staff are due to strike in cooperation on Wednesday 1st February. HMRC will not be striking, but your trade may be affected. Find out how in this article.

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Connected Customs: the benefits of end-to-end customs clearance

Are you an importer or exporter? Does your movement use the GVMS system, a T1 form, or maybe you are dealing with continuously ambiguous circumstances for trading between two countries – such as between the UK and the Republic of Ireland? Having a customs agent that looks after your declarations at both origin and destination saves you hassle. Here is how you can benefit from end-to-end customs clearance services:

Lines of Connectivity

The Intent of the Brexit Freedoms Bill

Proposed by parliament in January 2022, The Brexit Freedoms Bill was first brought about to “get Brexit done” by targeting EU laws within the UK.

The intent of the brexit freedoms bill