Customs Compliance - When Bike Parts Become Not Assembled Bikes

Using the correct customs classification and description for your goods is vital.
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It is essential to comply with all customs rules and regulations. Non-compliance can lead to delays, fines, or even refusal of your shipment. Sometimes the line between compliance and non-compliance is thinner than companies realize. We are seeing an increased number of issues with imported bike parts, where the Customs Authority sees them not as bike parts but as non-assembled bicycles.

When Parts Become a Bicycle

Dutch Customs is currently putting an increased focus on imported bike parts. These checks are all after the import has taken place, hence their name: Controle na import (CNI, check after import). The parts are imported under HS Code HTS Code:

8714 .. .. Parts And Accessories For Motorcycles, Bicycles And Other Cycles, Including Parts And Accessories For Delivery Tricycles And Invalid Carriages

According to the Customs Authority, a shipment of bike parts is considered to be a non-assembled bicycle when it comprises of a frame, the fork and at least two of the following parts:

  • 8714 9990 11  - Complete wheels with or without tubes, tyres and sprockets
  • 8714 9630      - Crank-gear
  • 8714 9910      - Handlebars
  • 8714 9420      - Brakes

Please note that if the crank-gear or the brakes are shipped in parts, they can be considered complete crank-gear or brakes, as mentioned above.

When the combination of parts shipped is seen as a non-assembled bicycle, you need to use 8712 0030 - Bicycles with ball bearings.

If you are importing non-assembled bicycles, it is crucial to state how many bikes are in your shipment. The remainder of your shipment may then be imported as separate bicycle parts, but it is important to state these parts clearly.

When Importing Bikes, There Could be a Charge!

When importing electric bicycles from China, you need to be aware of anti-dumping duties that have to be paid. The European Commission states the following:

The product concerned by this Complaint is cycles, with pedal assistance, with an auxiliary electric motor, currently falling under CN codes 8711 60 10 and ex 8711 60 90.

The product concerned covers in particular:

EPACs, i.e., cycles with an auxiliary electric motor which has a continuous rated power not

exceeding 250 watts; and Speed EPACs, i.e. cycles of vehicle category L1e-B which have a weight less than or equal to 35 kg and an auxiliary electric motor providing propulsion power which is added to the driver's pedal power, and the total power does not exceed four times the actual pedal power, originating in or exported from China.

If you want to know more about these anti-dumping duties, see the information on the European Commission website.

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