Client Interview | Ricardo Pubben from Caroz


In this series we interview clients who work with Customs Support. Today we have interviewed Ricardo Pubben, working at Caroz.

About Caroz

Caroz is a specialist in 4PL and TMS solutions. The Caroz team manages and controls the logistical performance of clients in order to increase the operating result. With the 4PL services and TMS software solutions, Caroz also offers, since 2010, a very advanced control tower.

Ricardo Pubben, Operations Manager, has been working at Caroz for 8 years. Ricardo works from Venlo and manages various teams. We speak to each other via MS Teams. Ricardo has been working in logistics since 2004. The great thing about Ricardo's role is the combination of IT, logistics expertise and commerce.

As a logistics control tower, Caroz is a real pioneer. The solutions of Caroz are unique, easy to realize and manage. Unique is that systems give insight to customers and that the human factor is of paramount importance. The permanent Caroz team works with short lines and has a lot of direct contact with customers and suppliers. This form of customer service and operational support is the strength of Caroz.


At Caroz a team of basic declarants is active who pick up and carry out the daily customs activities for customers. Where additional knowledge is needed, Customs Support is called in. The up-to-date knowledge of the declarants and consultants of Customs Support ensures that Caroz customers can be helped even better.

Caroz and Customs Support have been working together for a long time. The cooperation is a good match in which both companies have the same DNA. The cooperation is characterized as fast, personally involved and direct contact. The Customs Support team is prepared to go the extra mile when necessary. The open communication also ensures that both parties are critical towards each other and that there is open communication in the cooperation.

Customs Support takes care of customs clearance and T-Documents. In the recent period, both teams have worked closely together to set up and prepare for the Brexit in detail. This is also reflected in the services provided to customers. Together, a good story can be explained to customers. Both Caroz and Customs Support do not shy away from a challenge. Actually, it always goes well, according to Ricardo.

The preparations for the Brexit have already started in 2019 and will be further formalised in 2020. In an intensive process of 15-18 months, there was close cooperation. In principle, we started by collecting information, analysing the customer portfolio and finding out the answer to the question: What is needed to be able to start?

Several meetings and calls were held. They also prepared themselves by attending seminars and webinars.

The result of this intensive preparation is that by the time of the actual Brexit, a beautiful and workable route had been followed and both Caroz and Customs Support were ready for it.

"I would gladly take up the Brexit trajectory again together with the Customs Support team"

Ricardo Pubben
Operations Manager at Caroz


Just like Customs Support, Caroz is also investing heavily in IT solutions. The next step in the cooperation is to connect more and more extensive systems with each other. Where pdf files are now being exchanged, EDI links are already being looked at. The advantages of this are faster information exchange without manual handling. For Caroz, this means that its services will be more scalable and that customers will be helped even better.

Besides more connectivity and IT solutions, the extension of Customs Support's services to new countries in Europe also offers Caroz benefits. Caroz is also active in several countries in Europe and worldwide with 5 own offices in China. The local presence of a customs partner helps Caroz to improve its services. Ricardo concludes with: Customs Support is a pleasant partner, always ready to help and thanks to the intensive cooperation we as Caroz can do what we are good at providing customers with the optimal solution for logistical services.