Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Customs Support operates internationally but is also locally at the heart of society.
Sustainability is more to us than simply waste reduction. Our initiatives support people, the planet, and progress alongside known initiatives such as reducing paper consumption, fuel waste and energy efficiency.

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Martijn Rijk
Marketing Manager
Corporate Social Responsibility at Customs Support 

We lead with impact. When making business decisions we are firm in our moral choices. In our opinion, this is the best way to actually guarantee sustainability.      

To achieve this, we put accountability and integrity at the heart of what we do, treating people and society in a responsible manner. In business operations, we take the impact of our decisions on people and the environment seriously. This translates into choices for certified products, a network of offices that enable our people to work close to their living environment and where possible, we opt for energy-efficient modes of transport.  

One of our greatest assets is our Europe-wide team. We encourage positive community health, providing support for staff working in the fast-paced world of customs with over 1.500 digitally united experts working together in harmony. 

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Good Health and Wellbeing

Across our offices, our HR packages are tailored to the needs of our people, to ensure our staff always have access to the support they need in mental and physical health.

We always provide two computer screens as standard for our colleagues and work tirelessly to ensure all our office working conditions are not just preventative to issues, but constructive and proactive.

Environmental Impact

Our "drive" to work fully automated, means that paper archives can be reduced to a minimum. Reduction in print, especially in customs, is a good example of how we use our digital prowess to better the environment around us.

In the Netherlands we run a Safety division dedicated to ensuring harmful gasses and risks associated with containers are eliminated, to protect front-line dock workers. This service now also runs with an electric vehicle to reduce our carbon footprint further.

Growth and Investment

Our fast company growth and development have created Europe-wide career opportunities at all levels of entry.

We unite SME’s across Europe to support a faster path to a digital, united and empowered global trade despite the challenges new landscapes like Brexit have brought.

We provide a single contact point for organisations facing the challenges of customs, keeping the economy moving.

Industry Innovation and Digital Infrastructure

One of the greatest barriers to the full integration of IoT within customs is the integration with customs. We are dedicated to leading the digitalisation of customs, creating personalised platforms, tailored EDI solutions, and the digital integrations needed by our clients.

Our teams are re-aligning. Many of our declarant staff who have been customs specialists for years are now trained and developed as digital leaders. This means we can level-up our staff, provide training, education, and new career opportunities in line with the digital future of customs.

Responsible Consumption and Production

We are selective with our clients and choose goods and services that reflect our pledges to more sustainable global trade. We do not support customs in the weapons industry, we are strict on compliance to prevent the miss-use of global trade for illegal activity, and we are registered as an AEO-compliant organisation to ensure our claims are backed up with action.

Reduced Inequalities

We encourage open dialogue and celebrate staff for their unique contributions. Every family and individual are given the opportunity to introduce themselves, their life and more to Europe-wide staff upon arrival.

We unite learned experiences from across Europe and implement change to ensure all staff see the benefit of being united with other skilled staff/cultures and more.